5-Step Forklift Safety Strategy Guide

A Proven Guide for Operations & Safety Managers to Streamline Productivity.

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People are your #1 resource and you want them to achieve 100% productivity with ZERO accidents. But there's a harsh reality in front of you. Operators keep skipping inspections, 1 in 6 workplace deaths involves a forklift and a single forklift injury costs $188K in direct and indirect costs.

BEFORE...You tried everything BUT nothing worked

Training, retraining and more training

Lengthy safety audits

Guard rails, blue lights and stop signs


Because people keep making the same mistakes.

NOW, you need pro-active strategies to track your operators and PREVENT accidents before they happen.

Digitize paper inspections and track them on a web dashboard

Use smart sensors to monitor and alert operators BEFORE an accident

Prevent unauthorized and untrained users from operating your vehicles

Working with major Fortune 500 enterprises on forklift safety and having tracked over 370,000 incidents taught us that a solid strategy document needed to address FIVE critical areas of forklift safety. 

This completely FREE e-book includes

15 slide PDF guide that outlines FIVE critical areas to get productivity without accidents.


A deep dive into old safety techniques and why they DON'T work.


A clear outline of the critical activities for each of the FIVE areas.